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PeopleGuru's HCM Software is a true single application for complete employee lifecycle management. PeopleGuru's HCM solution helps you drive efficiency in your HR department and have the tools to improve employee productivity. 

Our HR SaaS solution was fully developed by PeopleGuru, eliminating the need for third-party bolt-on application integration.

With PeopleGuru HR, Payroll, Workforce and Talent Management, we help our mid-market clients attract, maintain, and engage their people. 


HCM Solutions



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Strategic account support for HR Software



HR Guru Support 

Every PeopleGuru client is assigned to a service pod consisting of an assigned Strategic Account Manager, an Account Manager and a dedicated skilled team of Gurus who are always available to lend a helping hand. 

We pride ourselves on the way our team serves our clients! Whether it's a simple help desk ticket or a direct phone call, you can rely on PeopleGuru to respond immediately.

We provide a ton of love to our clients.


Capable and Highly Configurable HCM Solutions 

We own and developed our HCM Software. This allows us to control the user experience and configure the system in a way that provides the most value and usability for our client's unique business needs.

Say goodbye to a standard system deployment and say hello to a uniquely configured HCM Software solution that meets your business requirements.







PeopleGuru affordability



An Affordable Solution

PeopleGuru's HCM software delivers tremendous functionality at affordable price points and can implement our solution without having to rely on third-party consultants. Our HCM SaaS solution is designed to meet the functional and budgetary requirements of mid-market organizations with enterprise-level technology. 


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