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Webinar Recording: Exempt or Non-Exempt?


Guest speaker, Jorge Rivero, CEO of HR On Demand, joins PeopleGuru to share his expertise on how employers can avoid falling victim to costly lawsuits associated with employee misclassification.  

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Webinar Recording: What to Know About FMLA

Technology Reshapes FMLA Management

Check out this recording of our webinar, Technology Reshapes FMLA Leave Management: What to Know about FMLA Heading into 2019, to learn more about how you can utilize technology to help navigate the complex requirements of FMLA.

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Webinar Recording: Single HCM Application

Experience the Power of a Single HCM Application

Watch this recording of our webinar, Experience The Power of a Single HCM Application, as we discuss how to attract, retain, and engage employees and efficiently administer back office HR functions with a single, cloud-based HCM application.

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Webinar Recording: HCM System as a Crisis Management Tool

Transform Your HCM System into a Crisis Management Tool

This webinar recording covers tips on how you can leverage your HCM system as a crisis management tool to communicate & engage with employees, drive productivity, and comply with any payroll & tax related changes.

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