COBRA management is often very stressful and time consuming for companies with over 20 employees, but fortunately, there are Gurus like Trish Schipke from COBRAGuard who are certified in COBRA and passionate about keeping their clients compliant.

A True Guru

Trish began her career in employee benefits 20 years ago. In 2005, Trish experienced first-hand the impact of being out of COBRA compliance when a company she knew personally failed to send out the proper notice for a terminated employee. Unfortunately, the terminated employee was in a serious accident which generated huge medical bills and because the employer failed to send the COBRA notice, they ended up paying for all of the medical bills and massive fines. Trish knew at that point that she had to become highly educated and proficient on everything COBRA, so that she could help other businesses stay in compliance and avoid these kind of serious financial setbacks. To this day, she lives by the motto, “My mission is always about helping clients learn how to keep the IRS out of their business, and their business out of court.”

Guru Accomplishments

Trish is certified in COBRA and CDHC. In addition, she also has earned a CTLC designation through the American College and a Group Benefits Associate through HR Training. One of Trish’s proudest moments of her career goes back six years ago when she headed out across the State of Florida to host nearly 100 luncheon learns to educate and inform other Gurus about ARRA and the significant changes of COBRA laws. Trish feels most rewarded by knowing that she is helping other Gurus save time, money, and eliminating the many risks associated with COBRA.

Guru Advice

Trish’s best advice that she can lend other HR Gurus is to focus on your people and less on functions like COBRA. COBRA is a huge undertaking and requires an in-depth understanding of all of the ins and outs of the law. Don’t be like the employer that Trish witnessed, find a well-experienced COBRA Guru Partner and Administrator and get it off your plate.