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Time and Labor 

PeopleGuru Time is a highly configurable solution designed to handle basic or extensive complex timekeeping. As part of PeopleGuru’s all-in-one HCM solution, time data automatically syncs throughout the entire system. PeopleGuru's time and labor provides you with the functionality to:

  • Create schedules to avoid overstaffing or understaffing
  • Identify employees approaching overtime
  • View attendance trends
  • Set up geo-clocks
  • Manage rounding rules, shift differentials, and holiday pay

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For Your Employees

PeopleGuru Time provides your people with the mobility and flexibility they need to:

  • Punch in, punch out, and transfer departments or locations
  • View PTO balances and submit time off requests
  • Manage time cards and send to manager for approval

For Your Managers

From any location, Managers have access to:

  • Approve timecards and employee time off requests
  • View employees with missing punches, absences, and consistent tardiness
  • Enter bonuses, commissions, and special pay rates





PeopleGuru Scheduling provides your people with 24/7 access to view their schedules, swap shifts, and manage their availability. 

Organizations have the agile tools they need to:

  • Quickly create and distribute schedules

  • Control and forecast labor costs

  • View employee schedules across multiple positions, departments, and locations

  • Produce data-driven schedules from a single source


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Time Collection

PeopleGuru offers various time collection methods to provide organizations with the tools they need for their unique workforce. The goal of our time collection devices is to make time collection hassle-free, eliminate buddy punching, and reduce payroll errors.



Eliminate paper timesheets for an easy “no-cost” method for employees to record their hours worked. Web clocks can be accessed via laptop, workstation, mobile, or remote location.

Mobile App

Today’s on-the-go workforce demands technology at their fingertips. PeopleGuru’s mobile app makes it simple for employees to manage all of their time data, including recording hours worked via remote or job-site locations. The mobile app also includes convenient geo-fencing and Face ID login capabilities.


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The PeopleGuru kiosk, accessed via wireless or wired internet connection, enhances the time management experience. This next generation kiosk includes configurable keys and a variety of time collection features that provide an extra level of employee authentication.

Badge Reader

The badge reader is a convenient and easy-to-use solution to capture and calculate employee time. An employee simply waves their badge, that may a be multi-purpose badge, in front of the kiosk to record their hours.


Facial Recognition

The camera performs a passive liveness detection test to verify the employee's presence and optionally capture a photo that will appear on the employee timecard. Employees only need to enroll one time and can create as many facial poses as desired.


Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint reader uses the unique human characteristics of each employee’s fingerprint and is a way to eliminate badge readers, time theft, and validate an employee’s identity.


Touchless Punch

Touchless punch enables an employee to access and manage their own time data from their personal smartphone to verify their identity and confirm their physical location. This feature is available on all kiosks and doesn’t require the download of a mobile app.

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