Rory Trotter

Change can be challenging for any organization, but by understanding all aspects of the business, HR leaders can continuously look for ways to make positive changes to improve an organization and its people.

A True Guru

Rory currently leads a team of four HR professionals and directs twelve service providers. He manages plan, design operations and asset management for a Fortune 50 Company’s North American retirement and financial security programs. As part of his responsibilities, Rory oversees benefit contract renewals, RFPs, corporate governance, departmental budgets, and new benefit programs.

Guru Accomplishments

Throughout Rory’s career, he has taken on many strategic HR initiatives. Just recently, Rory restructured and revamped his organization’s vacation policy after recognizing how ineffective it was for employees to accrue vacation. After collaborating with team members and studying the organization’s financials, Rory proposed a new vacation policy. His new policy changed how vacation time was accrued and allowed for an increase in both vacation and parental leave benefits. This led to a decrease in year over year opt-out rates by 10% and an increase in return to work rates by nearly 40%.

Rory’s plan freed up millions of dollars that the organization can now use those dollars to invest in the well-being of its people. His organization is now positioned as a PTO leader in the industry.

Guru Advice

Rory’s best piece of advice that he can share with other HR leaders is to know and understand the factors that drive your organization’s earning and financial performance. Understanding your way around a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows gives you credibility throughout the organization and allows you to be a true partner when it comes to making strategic decisions.

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