Watch the Video: PeopleGuru Payroll & Tax

PeopleGuru Payroll & Tax Management

Simplify payroll processing and ensure your people get paid accurately and on time.

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 Watch the Video: Benefits Management

PeopleGuru Benefits Management- Open Enrollment

Provide your people with a 100% paperless, step-by-step open enrollment experience.

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Watch the Video: PeopleGuru Overview

PeopleGuru HCM Overview

Discover how PeopleGuru Core HR can help with managing your entire workforce from recruitment to retirement.

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 Watch the Video: Candidate Experience

PeopleGuru Recruiting- The Candidate Experience

Ensure you're attracting top talent with a simple, paperless candidate experience. 

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 Watch the Video: Recuiter Experience

PeopleGuru Recruiting- The Recruiter Experience

PeopleGuru's full Talent Aquisition Solution (ATS) helps streamline recruiting processes.

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 Watch the Video: Senior Care

PeopleGuru | Senior Care

PeopleGuru HCM helps Senior Living & Long-Term Care organizations mitigate compliance risk, boost people productivity, and increase overall business efficiencies.  

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 Watch the Video: Onboarding Experience

PeopleGuru Onboarding- The New Hire Experience

Offer new hires a 100% paperless onboarding experience that can be completed prior to the first day.

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 Watch the Video: Manage Labor Records

PeopleGuru Time & Labor 

Accurately manage labor records, manage complex hours, control labor costs, and drive people productivity 

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