Product Tour: PeopleGuru Payroll


PeopleGuru Payroll & Tax Management

Take this self-guided tour and learn how you can streamline payroll processes.

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Product Tour: Open Enrollment


PeopleGuru Open Enrollment- Employee Experience

Take this self-guided tour and experience how easy it is for employees to view, add, or change benefit elections.

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Product Tour: Social Collaboration


PeopleGuru Social Collaboration Tools

This self-guided tour will show you how PeopleGuru HCM can help boost employee engagement.

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Product Tour: Recruiting Process


PeopleGuru Recruiting

Take this self-guided tour through the eyes of a candidate and discover how you can attract the best.

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Product Tour: Core HR


PeopleGuru Core HR

Discover how to increase data integrity and eliminate duplicate data entry with this self-guided tour.

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Product Tour: Onboarding


PeopleGuru Onboarding

Take this self-guided tour as a new hire and discover the power behind a paperless onboarding experience.

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