Preferred Pricing for senior care

The Senior Care Industry continues to embrace new technology to improve processes, mitigate risk, and fight for talent, but their desired system requirements are often met with budget constraints.

PeopleGuru believes that limited funding should never be a reason for why your team can’t have the resources they need to be productive and effective in providing high quality care and taking care of your people. That's why we offer a comprehensive, single cloud-based, Human Capital Management (HCM) application at price points that are affordable.

Efficiently manage licenses & certifications, maintain CMS compliance with PBJ Reporting, control labor costs, and attract, retain, and engage people that align with your organization’s mission.

Check out our totally transparent, preferred pricing for Senior Care below:

HCM Software at Prices You'll Love

Guru Basic


Per Employee Per Month
Guru Core


Per Employee Per Month
Guru Works


Per Employee Per Month
HR                        ♥ (Record Keeping)
Time & Labor- Includes PBJ 
License, Certs, & Asset Tracking
Standard Reporting 
Employee/Manager Self-Service  
ACA Management  
Ad-Hoc Reporting  
Benefits Management  
Carrier Connections  


*Minimum 150 Employees, No Incremental Software Fees After 1000 Employees, Requires Compliance & Administrative Services, Software Fees Paid Quarterly

Time and Attendance Clock Hardware Available


required Compliance & Administrative Services

Services Include


Per Employee Per Month

Treasury Management [ACH, Banking]

Tax Filing Services [Federal, State, Local]

Year-End Services [W2s, 1099s, 1094s]

* Includes Filing and Printing


*PEPM fees are billed monthly and based on active employee counts

 *Additional Admin Services Available (Check Printing, Garnishment Payments)


  implementation & activation fees

Guru Features 


one time Activation Fee
 HR, Payroll, Tax, Time, ACA, Reporting $25.00 Per Employee
Benefit Management/Open Enrollment $5.00 Per Employee
Recruiting $5.00 Per Employee
Onboarding $5.00 Per Employee
Performance $5.00 Per Employee
Salary $5.00 Per Employee
Learning Management $5.00 Per Employee
Social $2.50 Per Employee


*Additional Implementation Services available

*Implementation Fees billed when activated

*Carrier and Data Exchanges available


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