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Guru Basic


Per Employee Per Month
Guru Core


Per Employee Per Month
Guru Works


Per Employee Per Month
HR                        ♥ (Record Keeping)
Time & Labor 
Standard Reporting 
Employee/Manager Self-Service
ACA Management  
Ad-Hoc Reporting  
Benefits Management  
Carrier Connections  
Learning Management (LMS)    


*Minimum 100 Employees, No Incremental Software Fees After 1000 Employees, Requires Compliance & Administrative Services, Software Fees Paid Quarterly

Time and Attendance Clock Hardware Available


required Compliance & Administrative Services

Services Include


Per Employee Per Month

Treasury Management [ACH, Banking]

Tax Filing Services [Federal, State, Local]

Year-End Services [W2s, 1099s, 1094s]

* Includes Filing and Printing


*PEPM fees are billed monthly and based on active employee counts

 *Additional Admin Services Available (Check Printing, Garnishment Payments)


  implementation & activation fees

Guru Features 


one time Activation Fee
 HR, Payroll, Tax, Time, ACA, Reporting $25.00 Per Employee
Benefit Management/Open Enrollment $5.00 Per Employee
Recruiting $5.00 Per Employee
Onboarding $5.00 Per Employee
Performance $5.00 Per Employee
Salary $5.00 Per Employee
Learning Management $5.00 Per Employee
Social $2.50 Per Employee


*Additional Implementation Services available

*Implementation Fees billed when activated

*Carrier and Data Exchanges available


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