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Performance Management Software 

PeopleGuru's Performance Management provides you with the tools to conduct Agile Performance Reviews, Talent Assessments, and Peer Reviews. Managers, supervisors, and team members can easily conduct their reviews using their mobile devices.


An at-a-glance view provides managers with a quick overview of employee reviews, statuses, and ratings.

Managers can drill down deeper into the details of each employee and instantly leave comments, ratings, or take any other necessary actions.

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Drive Employee Performance

Create performance reviews in a matter of seconds. Use the drop downs and select specific employees to generate customized reviews.

Reviewing managers are sent notifications and can begin the reviewing process.

  • Provide Real-Time Feedback

  • Succession Planning

  • Align Employees with Organization's Overall Mission

  • Ensure Every Employee is Receiving Feedback

  • Track Employee Engagement


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