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PeopleGuru's Payroll solution includes real-time processing, wizard based intuitive processes, and comprehensive audit and verification tools with unprecedented performance. Specifically crafted for mid-market organizations, PeopleGuru's Payroll handles complex tax and corporate structures with ease. 


One Single HCM Application

Payroll Processing has never been easier with PeopleGuru's HCM software. The payroll process workflow serves as a checklist to ensure all of your employees always get paid accurately and on time.

  • Tax and Bank Audits

  • Autopays

  • Time Entry

  • Pre Check Detail

  • Post Payroll

  • Live Guru Support



  • Configurable time entry screens
  • Real-time gross to net pre and post payroll processing
  • Ability to reset entire payroll process prior to posting
  • Manual checks & gross ups simply managed
  • Notifications to ensure accuracy
  • Full service tax filing
  • Labor distribution
  • 8 tier organizational structure with 4 tier G/L structure
  • Weighted overtime calculation
  • Tip credit & make up pay
  • Fully integrated time and labor software
  • Shift Pay

Run Payroll Reports

The Payroll Wizard guides you step-by-step through pay entry and processing.

Accurate calculations ensure that your organization is always in compliance with state and federal laws.

Before posting, you can review all information as a way to double check for errors. 

Over 60 standard reports with point and time reporting.


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