Geraldo Rossy 

Although we usually spotlight Gurus at other companies, we would like to take the time to pay one of our own Gurus, Geraldo Rossy, the respect and praise that he deserves for all of his hard work that he does for PeopleGuru and his country.

A True Guru

Geraldo Rossy is an Implementation Guru for PeopleGuru. As project leader for our Guru Clients Geraldo helps transform organizations from administrative tactical to predictive and strategic by leveraging technology and implementing solid business practices. Geraldo takes great pride in hand holding his clients through often challenging and comprehensive migrations from old technology to new technology.

When Geraldo isn’t busy serving Guru Clients, he is busy serving his country. Geraldo is a Power Generator Mechanic for the Florida Army National Guard. Similar to his role at PeopleGuru, Geraldo looks to understand the intricacies of each system to best understand how the smallest detail can have an impact on the overall outcome. Geraldo takes great pride in helping HR Gurus realize their objectives as well as protecting and serving his country.

Guru Accomplishments

One of Geraldo’s recent professional accomplishments was taking a large non for profit that depended heavily on manual, paper processes, and converting the organization to a 100% paperless environment.   By implementing the proper HR tools and laying out a plan that helped integrate information from multiple locations, Geraldo’s client no longer has to rely on manual timesheets, paper performance management, or be exposed to compliance risks associated with ACA and the Department of Labor.

Guru Advice

Geraldo’s best advice that he can give to HR leaders is to over communicate with your organization the business goals and objectives for deploying a new HCM solution to best ensure that the team maximizes the investment in new technology.