Simplify the employee Onboarding  experience

The entire candidate and employee HR onboarding experience can be 100% paperless. PeopleGuru Onboarding streamlines processes with document management, e-signatures, and workflows, giving new hires a productive first day on the job.

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Free up your HR department

PeopleGuru HCM encourages your employees to actively participate in their onboarding. From candidate to new hire, employees are provided the proper tools to manage their own data.

PeopleGuru Onboarding:

  • Allows employees to complete their administrative tasks online before their start date to ensure a productive and engaging first day

  • Frees up your HR department from the tedious onboarding paperwork

  • Empowers employees to simply upload their I9 and W4 digital documents.

  • Eliminates the hassles that come with gathering and dispersing the proper documents that contain tax information for each state

  • Provides employees with their resident state tax information, download forms, and electronically sign documents