Dress Code Rules

Not having an official documented dress code policy can expose your organization to a costly lawsuit, as well as have a negative impact on culture. Luckily, there are Gurus out there, like Miguel Toruño, who look to help HR leaders mitigate the risks surrounding dress code policies.

A True Guru

Miguel Toruño is the Founder and CEO of Dress Code Rules. Miguel looks to provide HR leaders with a simple solution to the loosely used dress code terms such as “casual Friday”, “business casual”, and many more unofficial terms. Miguel and the rest of Dress Code Rules share their expertise on this subject matter by providing the general public with an engaging web-based platform that defines and provides examples of what type of clothing are certified to comply with specific codes. Miguel and his team are making it easier for HR departments to uphold policies and ensure that employees are complying with an organization’s dress code.

Guru Accomplishments

Addressing dress codes in the workplace can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation for HR leaders and often lead to workplace harassment and worse case, a lawsuit.  The current litigious environment is forcing HR leaders to be proactive by instilling and upholding official dress code policies. Miguel and his team work diligently with HR leaders to help avoid these HR disputes and recently, his team engaged with a doctor’s office that was challenged by inappropriate and inconsistent dress attire. Miguel was able to tailor a proper dress code that aligned with specific schedules and the type of patient care. The employees are now dressed appropriately, the patients are more comfortable, and the overall culture of the office has improved.

Guru Advice

The best advice Miguel can give to other HR leaders is to keep it simple. It’s important that your employees and clients feel comfortable in your environment and by delivering and applying a straightforward and easy-to-understand dress code policy, your organization can eliminate the risks surrounded by your employees’ attire.

Feel free to use Dress Code Rules as a resource when you’re implementing a dress code policy at your organization.