Kathy Now

Top talent and engaged employees are vital to an organization’s success. Employees that are hired purely to fill a position that doesn’t compliment their strengths results in high turnover rates, disengaged employees, and low company morale.

A True Guru

As an HR Manager at a large company, Kathy had many responsibilities, but felt that her most important role was to focus on talent management, ensuring that employees felt like they were in the right place and truly fit in with the company and their job descriptions.

At a company with a high turnover rate, Kathy took the initiative and worked closely with a senior executive to create and implement a job rotation program that would cultivate a productive and engaging work environment. After all, there is no benefit to an individual or to a company if an employee is not a best match for a position.

Guru Accomplishments

Inspired by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton’s book, Now Discover Your Strengths, Kathy founded Rise Up Careers, where she combines her HR expertise and gift for teaching to coach people through their career choices. By assessing and inspiring others to follow their dreams and visions, Kathy is able to help people find positions that best align with their specific strengths and goals.

Guru Advice

The best advice that Kathy can lend to other HR Gurus is to look at your people as human capital. As an HR leader, you are required to wear three very important hats:

  1. Advocate for the Company- Make decisions that will help the bottom-line.
  2. Advocate for the Leaders- Push your organization’s leaders to become better by ensuring they’re having the right conversations with their people at the right time.
  3. Advocate for the Employees- Understand each employee’s strong points and place employees in positions that fully utilize their strengths.