Diversified Sourcing Solutions

Throughout the past 26 years, Diversified Sourcing Solutions has offered staffing solutions for long-term, contract, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions. With clients that are dispersed across the nation, Direct Sourcing Solutions puts a strong emphasis on urgency and recognizes the true value behind its services.

A True Guru

For the past six years, June Burchfield has proven to be a true Guru at Diversified Sourcing Solutions. As Branch Manager, June is responsible for operations. This includes managing clients, maintaining client relationships, and leading recruiting activities. Although June excels in her career, she feels truly rewarded knowing that she has the ability to change someone’s life.

Guru Accomplishments

June has overcome many obstacles and challenges. When June first started her career with Diversified Sourcing Solutions, employees were still receiving paychecks that needed to be manually deposited. After recognizing this inconvenience, Diversified Sourcing Solutions finally switched to direct deposit. However, employees were still having to be tracked down in order to receive paycheck stubs.

June and other employees were tired of the constant hassle. June knew something needed to change and took the initiative to reach out to their current PEO to address the issue. With some minor negotiating, June was able to convert payroll into a paperless process. After making the smooth transition, employees were alleviated of the stress that came with handling paper checks. Now that payroll is automated, payroll is running on time, electronic documents are available for download, and tax calculations are done automatically.

In addition to overcoming payroll challenges, June was also able to eliminate the process of scanning, uploading, and filing paper applications by utilizing an applicant tracking system. After another seamless transition, June eliminated 2-3 hours per week that were spent solely on filing and removed the aggravation that came with storing and losing paper documents. Diversified Sourcing Solutions is now able to put its full focus on its clients.

Guru Advice

The best advice that June can give to her fellow Gurus is to go paperless. Although new technology may seem daunting, removing paper processes eliminates so many headaches and decreases the risk of human error.

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