Josh Galle

A lack of employee engagement and a weak company culture often results in unhappy employees, high turnover rates, and a poor company reputation.

A True Guru

Josh Galle is an HR Business Partner at Anthem. As a military veteran, Josh understands the true value behind a supportive team. Through strategic planning, engaging with various groups, and physically spending time with the people in operations, Josh is able to grasp a full understanding on the talent, skills, and training it takes to cultivate such a great working environment.

Guru Accomplishments

During Josh’s time at Anthem, he has become heavily involved in Veterans of Anthem, an Associate Resource Group. Due to his first hand experiences in combat, Josh has proven to be a great ambassador and advocate for the group. He utilizes cross-functional teams, the HR community, and other resources to collaborate on ways to build and sustain the group and continuously bring in veterans to the workplace. Josh has taken this group to new heights and through his efforts, veterans are back to work.

Guru Advice

Stemming from his own life experiences, Josh’s advice to other Gurus is to change your perspective and outlook on bad situations, stick to your mission, and ask your teammates for support.

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