efficiently manage the health and safety of your people.


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Maintain compliance with vaccine regulations

PeopleGuru Health Check helps mid-market organizations efficiently manage vaccine and testing requirements and maintain compliance with local, state, and industry requirements.

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Immunization Tracker

  • Maintain vaccination and exemption statuses
  • Easily track test results
  • Upload proof of documentation via mobile app or web

Create Custom Health Screenings

Keep a pulse on the overall health of your workforce with custom health screening questions. Questions can be prompted to your people at the beginning or end of shift.

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Return Your People to Work Safely

  • Monitor timelines for employees that have been out sick
  • Produce reports to see the status of immunization across your workforce


Code PTO Correctly

Ensure that you’re paying your people appropriately for time spent getting vaccinated, tested, or out sick from adverse reactions.

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Automate Payment

As a single HCM solution, all timecard and paid time off data captured within PeopleGuru is automatically reflected in employee paychecks.



Promote a Safe Workplace

In addition to PeopleGuru Health Check, the PeopleGuru Kiosk has been enhanced to encourage a safe and healthy workplace with:

  • Temperature screenings
  • Touchless punch options
  • Facial recognition




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