Transform data into actionable insights and get back to focusing
on your organization's core mission.

Nonprofit organizations have all of the same HR challenges as high-growth, mid-market organizations, but often struggle with securing budget dollars to invest in their people and HR processes. PeopleGuru understands that Nonprofits need to maximize their resources to ensure their funds are used to support their organization's main mission.

PeopleGuru offers Nonprofits one affordable and highly configurable HCM application for complete employee lifecycle management that helps to reduce costs, minimize compliance risk, and boost employee engagement.

Organizational Efficiency

Manage your people efficiently and focus more on your strategic initiatives and less on administrative tasks. 


People Productivity

Empower, engage, and recognize your people so they can better serve your clients and community. 


HCM Solutions for Nonprofits


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Compliance & Reporting

Limit your organization's exposure and mitigate risks often associated with falling out of compliance.  


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