The Manufacturing Industry is facing many new challenges as they’re experiencing skilled labor shortages, new regulations, an increase in global competition, and advances in technology. In order to be successful in this demanding industry, it’s critical to have an effective and highly skilled workforce.

PeopleGuru offers Manufacturing organizations a modern technology solution to attract, develop, and retain talent, stay compliant with laws, and increase overall productivity.



With PeopleGuru's Single HCM Application for Manufacturing:

  • Gain visibility to real-time labor cost
  • Offer your people a 100% paperless onboarding experience
  • Eliminate buddy punching with biometric clocks
  • Reduce labor cost with proactive overtime reporting
  • Improve employee communication via a multi-lingual platform
  • Automate time off requests and leave management
  • Management defined work and payroll rules to improve payroll accuracy
  • Comprehensive G/L capability to automate journal entries
  • Minimize compliance risks associated with FLSA, ACA, and union rule enforcement


Attract and Retain a Skilled and Productive Workforce

PeopleGuru HCM develops the tools and resources organizations need to cultivate a successful, efficient, and productive workforce that is aligned with an organization's goals. By streamlining processes and eliminating redundant paperwork, your people are more engaged and ready to focus on the tasks at hand.

HR leaders can track employee performance, generate salary reviews, and distribute talent assessments to ensure their people are happy and focused.

PeopleGuru Performance