The Healthcare Industry is booming. On top of the regular business challenges, the Healthcare Industry is expected to stay ahead of constantly changing regulations while keeping up with the increase in demand for services.

PeopleGuru offers Healthcare organizations a modern technology solution that helps to attract qualified talent, stay compliant with laws, and efficiently manage licenses and certifications.




With PeopleGuru's Single HCM Application, you can:
  • Offer your people a 100% paperless onboarding experience
  • Improve employee communication via a multi-lingual platform
  • Provide visibility to maximize staff productivity and ensure compliance
  • Plan in advance with advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Empower your people with self-service functionality to select shifts and request time off
  • Receive alerts and notifications prior to an employee’s license or certification expiring
  • Minimize compliance risks associate with FLSA and ACA
  • Pre-screen candidates to ensure they’re qualified




Focus On Providing Quality Care

PeopleGuru helps you maintain your focus on what really matters- providing the highest quality of care to patients. With PeopleGuru HCM, you can ensure you’re attracting and hiring qualified candidates that are properly credentialed.

Your people will feel empowered with the self-service tools they need to view schedules, open PTO balances, and request time off from anywhere at any time. HR leaders have full visibility into labor trends and can control labor costs while focusing less on administrative tasks and more on strategic initiatives.

PeopleGuru Self-Service