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A Solution Your People & Finance Team Will Love

Drive people productivity and offer your on-the-go workforce a simple way to submit and approve for payment expense items. PeopleGuru's proprietary Expense Management solution empowers your people to:

  • Capture and submit receipts from a mobile device
  • Create itemized expense reports
  • Automate the submission and approval process
  • Securely store and access expense report history
  • Receive reimbursements quicker
  • Manage to business expense policies

                   Simplify and Streamline Processes

wkflwsAutomate Approval Workflows

With multi-level approval workflows, supervisors can communicate and approve requests with a click of the button.


reimburseReimburse Employees Quicker

Expense reports will automatically flow into payroll and generate appropriate general ledger entries.

cut costsControl Costs

Supervisors can set reimbursement limits and receive alerts when an expense reports exceeds a set amount to help stay within budget.


analyticsComprehensive Analytics

Compare metrics, identify trends, and make data-based decisions with full visibility into your business expenses. 

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