A True Guru

Afiya Charles is an HR professional that consistently looks to make an impact on the lives of her team members. With years of experience working for different companies, Afiya has experienced the broad range of functions of an HR Guru. Even though ensuring compliance, managing time and attendance, and handling disciplinary actions are all core to her HR functions, Afiya believes strongly that she must remain focused on keeping the human in human resources.

Guru Accomplishments

Afiya’s proudest moment was when she effectively coached an employee through a difficult personal hard time. The employee was no longer engaged at work and was thinking about resigning, but felt comfortable enough to speak with Afiya before making that decision. Afiya acted as an advisor, a coach and a friend in order to best understand the underlying issues behind the employee’s lack of engagement. In the end, the employee stayed with the company and continued on to become one of the most loyal and valued employees throughout the entire organization.

Guru Advice

Today, there are many distractions that can make you lose sight of what is most important- maintaining the passion for your people. Afiya’s advice to other HR leaders is to always remember why you chose the HR profession in the first place. Stay consistently engaged with your employees, take the time to know your people, focus on inclusion, and remember that you are the employees biggest advocate.

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